Smooth Forward, Shaky Backward – Why A Car Shakes When in Reverse

car shakes when in reverse

Have you ever experienced that unsettling judder when you put your car in reverse? It’s like a mysterious morning tremor beneath your feet. Experiencing a car’s reverse shake can prove irritating, often pointing toward potential suspension or drivetrain complications. Additionally, engine troubles, deteriorated brake pads, irregular tire wear, and other issues can contribute to this … Read more

19 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Accelerate Past 40

Car Wont Accelerate Past 40

Do you feel like your highway drive could be more active? You notice that your car won’t accelerate past 40; it’s a signal to investigate. As a driver, it’s crucial to acknowledge and swiftly resolve this car acceleration problem. Spotting your car won’t accelerate past 40 mph might stem from issues like a trapped mat … Read more