Is Your Car Shaking When Idle – Here’s What You Need to Know

Car Shaking When Idle

A car’s motor experiences idle shaking within usual parameters, attributed to elements like transmission gears and crankshaft rotation, inducing subtle oscillations during motion. Yet, excessive vibration at idle signifies engine issues. Below are the primary causes of car shaking when idle, helping you gauge when to visit a service center. Reasons for car shaking when … Read more

Why A Car Makes a Squeaking Noise When Turning the Wheel at Low Speeds

squeaking noise when turning at low speeds

If you happen to observe that your vehicle now produces a squeak while turning, you might be dealing with three usual suspects: insufficient lubrication within the suspension system, depleted power-steering fluid, or rubbing occurring between the steering wheel housing and the interior trim. But that’s not it; there could be more reasons for a car … Read more

Why My Car Shakes When Starting (Fixes Revealed)

car shakes when starting

My car shakes when starting and later operates without any hitches. Many individuals have experienced this, as it’s a rather frequent event. In the majority of cases, the shaking occurs due to a battery being disconnected or a starter that’s not working correctly. However, it can also arise from spark plugs that have worn out, … Read more